Snapshot Plugin
for Panotour Pro

A HTML5 only plugin to take snapshots of spherical, flat or video panorama displayed by Kolor Panotour Pro and share them on social networks with a link to your tour, send them by email or download them.

Take Snapshots

Let users take snapshots of your spherical, flat or video 360 panoramas


Share the snapshots on social newtworks with a direct link to your tour


Send the snapshots by email with a direct link to your tour


Download the snapshots on your computer or mobile


Choose how this plugin will display

Desktop & Mobile

Works on desktop, tablet & mobile (HTML5 only)

Snapshot Plugin

for Kolor Panotour Pro
  1. Copy the 360ImagesSnapshot folder into your Panotour Pro user folder ( to find it launch Panotour Pro, clic on edition and then user folder )
  2. To add the plugin to your tour click on Style and choose 360Images category on the right panel, double clic on Snapshot Plugin.
  3. Setup the plugin to your needs and export yout tour
  4. Modify your html page to enable preservedrawinfbuffer
  5. Upload your tour and enjoy ( works only online )

Setup the plugin

  1. You can choose to show or hide the Snapshot UI onstart
  2. Your can choose the position of the button to show or hide the Snapshot UI
  3. Enter your Facebook app ID to be able to share on Facebook. If you don't already have a Facebook app you can create on for free
  4. Setup the snapshot max-size and quality
  5. Choose to add or not a watermark on the snapshots. To change the watermark replace the file watermark.png in the plugin folder
  6. Choose to display or not the ratio buttons on the right side of the screen
  7. Choose the initial viewfinder ratio
  8. Choose the padding of the viewfinder to the screen border
  9. Choose to display or the glass graphic in the middle of the viewfinder
  10. Choose the viewfinder overlay color
  11. Choose the viewfinder border width and color
  12. Choose the snapshot button padding when fullscreen ratio is selected
  13. Choose the email subject and text before the snapshot and tour link
  14. Choose to display or not help message on the first use of the plugin
  15. Choose the help message text
  16. Choose the mobile & tablet button position to show and hide the snapshot plugin UI
  17. Choose the mobile & tablet button position to take a snapshot

Modify the html page

To work this plugin needs the tour to be displayed in HTML5 with Webgl and have the preserdrawingbuffer enabled.

Just choose snapshot.html template when exporting your project (recommanded) , or open your tour html file and search for embedpano script (about line 130)

Change :






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