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Call Out HoTSPoTs
for Panotour Pro

A plugin to add Call Out Effects in your tours !

Call Out HoTSPoTs Plugin

for Kolor Panotour Pro
[version 2.5.9 min]
- Not available in VR mode -


Copy the 360imagesCallOut folder to:

Windows: C:\Users\MyName\Documents\Kolor\PanotourPro 2\plugins

Mac: /Users/MyName/Documents/Kolor/PanotourPro 2/plugins

Linux: /home/$USER/Documents/Kolor/PanotourPro 2/plugins

Copy callouttitles.xml in :

Windows: C:\Users\MyName\Documents\Kolor\PanotourPro 2\tools

Mac: /Users/MyName/Documents/Kolor/PanotourPro 2/tools

Linux: /home/$USER/Documents/Kolor/PanotourPro 2/tools

Restart Panotour to use the plugin.

The Call Out plugin will be available in the 360images category.

How to use the plugin

  1. Add a new point style and rename it as you want. - Copy this new point style name and paste it in the call out style field
  2. Change the point style according to your need - Round or Square - Size - Background and Border color
  3. Choose to animate the point or not and the size of the animated border
  4. Choose the Popup style, In and Out when the hotspot is in or off the center of the screen, or In one time and keep it dispalyed
  5. Choose the call out size color and orientation
  6. Choose the title style
  7. Choose the description style

Video tutorial