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for Panotour Pro

A plugin to add CoOL preview hotspots in your tours !

CoOL HoTSPoTs Plugin

for Kolor Panotour Pro
[version 2.5.9 min]
- Not available in VR mode -
  1. To install the plugin copy the 360imageshotspot folder into your Panotour Pro user folder ( to find it launch Panotour Pro, clic on edition and then user folder )
  2. To add the plugin to your tour click on Style and choose 360Images category on the right panel, double clic on CoOL HoTSPoTs.
  3. Setup the plugin according to your needs and export your tour

How to use the plugin

  1. Add a new point style and rename it as you want.
  2. Copy this new point style name and paste it in one of the style of the CoOL HoTSPoTs plugin
  3. Depending on the choosen style you can choose to always display the preview thumbnail
  4. Depending on the choosen style you can choose the hotspot color
  5. You can choose to add a inner and outer shadow
  6. the lines height
  7. the hotspots dimensions
  8. ...

Video tutorial